Sound of Fractures Token
My vision is to re-imagine our relationship with music.

Instead of traditional albums my goal is to create projects that experiment with emerging technology and build community.

Sound of Fractures Token is a way to contribute to and take part in building new ideas on a project by project basis.

Funds will go specifically into Sound of Fractures projects including, but not limited too: dev costs, design and marketing.

Those who contribute above project-specific targets will get Executive Producer credit on those projects.

The first project is already in motion, and its called 'Scenes'


Contributors will receive a percentage of project net revenue pro rata relative to number of tokens held in return for their participation.

Gross revenue is defined as the income generated onchain by the Scenes project.

Scenes net revenue will be split 50/50 between holders and treasury at the project end date.
Why a token?
I need a way to fund new projects.. so how?

We have to experiment to find new ideas and paths for creatives.. we have tools, but to combine them in new ways and contribute to redefining what a music career is, we need funding.

Tokens can be used to create, communicate and monetise in ways that could not be done before, providing us with greater control over how we raise and represent contributions onchain. But, we are limited creatively by the tools available and trend based narratives.. I believe we need to build our own worlds that are unique to our identities.

Music NFTs have removed so many restraints from my creative out-put, but there's more that can be done, and there is better ways for those who contribute to be seen and feel valued. The model we have used so far gives us a token to represent the song, Sound of Fractures Token gives immutable representation of your contribution, and a stake in the project you contribute too.
What do i get?
Supporters will be able to show they were here first, at the heart of new ideas.

Those who contribute a minimum of 200 Tokens will get an Executive Producer credit on the project and album.


Holders of SOFTKN to receive percentage of project net revenue pro rata relative to number of tokens held.

Gross revenue is defined as the income generated onchain by the Scenes project.

Net profits will be split 50/50 between holders and treasury at the project end date.


Supporters will be given badges with access to privileges; including updates on projects, funding uses and access to behind the scenes planning and workings.

Contributions will be represented by project badges. Badge holders will have tiered access.

All badge holders will have access to process and participation.
How many tokens should I collect? / Contributor Badges
Project 1: Scenes

Executive Producer - Minimum 200 Tokens within project term: [ Executive Producer credit on project page, press release and any physical album products. Access to Executive Producer chat group: BTS of all processes: Financial, technical and creative]. Weekly airdrops of BTS process artefacts.

Scenes Team Badge - Minimum 20 Tokens within project term: [Music previews both of the album, work in progress and the outtakes. selected BTS processes]

Scenes Friends Badge - Minimum 10 Tokens within project term [Selected music previews and selected BTS processes]

Scenes Contributor Badge: Minimum 1 Token within project term

All Token holders are given to access to the Real Friends Chat group and will be given updates on the project and access to the first submission roun of the project which is open to holders only]

Token Price: 0.0025Eth
What is an Executive Producer?
The executive producer is a term used in the film industry and is at the top of the producer food chain, as they often provide a films funding.

They have their name at the beginning of the film credits as the person that made the piece of art happen, and they are known for being responsible for backing culture and creativity and often have a role as a sounding board for decisions and making connections.

Project Name: Scenes - An Interactive Journey Through Personal Moments

Purpose: To explore, visualize, and capture the intersection of personal moments in people's lives with technology. A collaborative project presented through an interactive website and NFTs as part of the release of a music album.

Target: 5Eth (2000Tokens) towards dev costs

Scenes aims to redefine what an album is and how it works in web3 and web2. The project will experiment with how we create and capture value of music by creating emotional bonds between listeners and the music, and preserving that in an artefact.
If you have questions about the project details or specific enquiries not met by boundaries set above contact me via socials